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Admissions Advisory

Excellent academic scores is no longer the only criterion to be admitted into top undergraduate and graduate programmes.  We work with you closely to tailor your essays, interviews, resume and letters of recommendation.  Building your unique personal brand makes you stand out from the thousands of other applicants and increases your chances of successful application.  We match you to your optimal choice of universities in China, the Unites States and the United Kingdom.

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Our Services

University Planning

  • The best investment is to invest in your own education
  • It is worth your time and effort to build up an intelligent and quality application for undergraduate or postgraduate programmes
  • We will guide you through the entire process of researching schools, selecting the best programmes, choosing the correct standardized tests and managing your application deadlines

Personal Branding

  • Making the salient aspects of yourself is to make you shine among the thousands of other candidates
  • Personal branding is your business card that would make your application impressive
  • We work closely with you to discover your unique strengths, contributions and specific goals

Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV) Writing

  • Your resume/CV is the important documentation of marketing yourself in all types of university applications
  • We assist you in building a resume/CV that encompasses your unique strengths while fitting the application requirements of a specific university

Essay Assistance

  • On top of your academic record and standardized testing scores, your essays or personal statements are to showcase your skills to admissions committees
  • We assist you in articulating your ideas with concise and engaging writing style that suits a university’s specific culture
  • We proofread your essays, spelling and grammar to produce your most compelling essays

Soliciting Effective Recommendation Letters

  • Quality references are crucial for any undergraduate/postgraduate application
  • On average, undergraduate programmes require at least one solid academic reference or more
  • MBA programmes require professional recommendations.
  • Given this, it is important for us to guide you to solicit the most discerning people, who can optimally affirm your character and performance

Interview Coaching

  • An interview is an opportunity for the admissions committee to learn more about you in person in their assessment process
  • Since an interview invitation is an achievement milestone in your admissions application, you must be prepared for it
  • We personally coach you for your interview preparation, so that you are fully prepared for your specific application interview scenarios for different undergraduate and postgraduate programmes
  • Among the key areas are mock interviews, candid feedback, ways of eliminating stress and the difference between behavioural and situational questions

Scholarship & Financial Aid

  • We understand obtaining the best financial package is important to afford the rising university tuition fees
  • With highly competitive scholarships for international candidates, which may be based primarily on academic performance, we assist you in locating and applying for both public and private sources of university educational funding

Unique Circumstances

  • Whether you are a university’s admissions waiting list, having a borderline academic results or a transfer student, we have the professional expertise to guide you in your admissions application

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider private advisory?

  • Admissions rates to top universities have reached record lows
  • The costs of university continue to climb uncontrollably. Parents and students are overwhelmed by the admissions process of universities.  As a result, many do not select a university that suits them best
  • Moreover, families are confused and misled by the tuition costs

Why is NCB better than others?

  • NCB uniquely focuses on both university admissions and scholarship advisory
  • We advise with experience. We work with you hand in hand to help you attain your most desired university admissions goals

What if I’m not a top student?

  • We believe in matching the schools that meet the students’ needs
  • With vast number of universities in China, the United States and the United Kingdom, we can match you to the university that optimally meets your needs

Does NCB work with schools or individual parents/students?

  • Both 

How early can we start?

  • The earlier, the better
  • We need to strategise with you in applying for your desired universities. Hence, if you start early, we can coach you on how to compete for grants, scholarships and fellowships 

How do you work with clients?

  • With a telephone or a computer with the internet connection, we can work with you

What about confidentiality?

  • We will never divulge our clients’ information to anyone
  • All communications between NCB and our clients are kept strictly confidential
  • We only reveal a client’s name if a client chooses to recommend us with the client’s explicit consent

My child has a secondary school counsellor and will get teachers and relatives to review the university admissions essays.  Isn’t this sufficient for applying to the top universities? 

  • Many secondary school counsellors are overwhelmed with hundreds of students they are responsible for helping
  • Hence, these counsellors cannot provide individualized attention necessary to maximize the success rate of admissions
  • We have a team of professionals, who previously worked in admissions committees of universities

Is it worth the money to hire an independent counselor?

  • Parents and students often spend over USD200k to finance a four-year private university education these days
  • To be accepted by the university is the most challenging part, and our consulting rates are only a tiny fraction of the annual cost of university

What is the difference between the services you offer and hiring an essay editing service?

  • We offer services far beyond than mere essay editing. Moreover, most essay editors have never worked in admissions offices of universities, which they do not have the insider perspective needed to properly package and market an applicant to maximize success rate of applications
  • In addition to essay editing, we assess our client’s strengths and weaknesses, proactively minimize their weaknesses, strategically position our clients’ strengths to shine among other applicants, assist clients to select the most impactful essay topic, help in crafting supplemental essays that emphasize what each top university looks for in applicants, work with recommendation letter writers to help them in crafting recommendation letters that stand out from the crowd, provide financial aid guidance, and provide career guidance