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Product Brand:


1) Product


2) Brand Mission

To provide smart, reliable, secure and high value business communication solution.


3) Brand Vision

The No.1 trusted business communication solution in Asia!


4) Brand Positioning

Reaching your customers promptly and efficiently!


5) Brand Promise

Growing your business through efficient communication.


6) Brand Personality

3S + T = Smart, Simple, Secure plus Trusted.

Smart = Smarter way

Simple= User friendly

Secure= ISO Audited Security Processes.

Trusted = Our customer can count on us with data security.


7) Brand Tagline

Care for customer

8) Product Brand Story

NCB based on the belief and satisfaction of helping peoples has made us evolving and enhancing our product. Raymond Chin, the founder first begin this journey in 1994 call up the internet boat has discovered from many customers that an effective communication in business world is very important! Therefore, Raymond started his journey in discovery an alternate solution. He travel all over the world to look for the solution, but none of the solutions could completely fulfill the customer’s needs at once.

Finally, NCB started to innovate solution-SmartComm to help individual in organisation to communicate efficiently with the objective of satisfying each and everyone needs to achieve personal satisfaction.

Today, NCB is the market leader with extensive experience Unified Communication Provider in Malaysia with delighted customers from different industries, i.e; government, large enterprises and public listed companies, Multinational Companies and Government-Link companies since 1996.

Along the journey, besides helping customers to grow their business, we also emphasize on helping the weaker community as our main social responsibility. Every year, we will donate partial of our revenue to some charitable organizations. This is because we belief through sharing, the happiness will spread multiples among peoples. If everyone willing to care and contribute a little bit, we will have a more joyful community and love in our hearts, this will make the world a better place to live!

9) Logo Color symbol

Blue is the symbol of trustworthy, dependable and committed.

Red is the symbol of passion, action, confidence, courage and vitality.


10) Logo Story

SmartComm represent a Unified Communication Solution that is trustworthy, committed and with passion to serve customer confidently.

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