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NCB work together in partnerships with major of world class video conference leaders basing on Hardware-based, Software-based and Web-based Video Conferencing Solutions ensuring our client will get the right solution to meet their needs and budget.

With NCB , our teams delivering with the latest market leading and quality videoconferencing solutions by changing new way people communicate:

Improve Productivity

Accelerating Decision Making

Scaling Knowledge

Unifying the Organization

Reduce CO2 Emissions


Where to apply SmartComm Video conference?

• Interviewing prospective students and staff

• Research group meetings

• Business meetings

• Teaching and distance learning

• Presentations

• Seminar presentations to remote audiences

• Public launches of new research projects


How does it benefit?

• Its Help your organizations save more time and money by conducting daily meeting via different locations.

• People can interact with each other face to face for the sake of meeting or to conduct business

• Professionals able deliver their knowledge or give instants advice by conducting a seminar, examination, live demonstration via a video conference.


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