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KPI is the trend to push for business process improvement.


As you know, setting KPI is one thing, achieving is another, managing it happily is the biggest challenge.

Even a lot of private sectors failed to implement it.

For instance, whenever there is a KPI problem, the management tends to spend most of the time in the meeting are in explaining, defending and arguing the problem; where they supposed to spend time to solve the problem.

The main reason is there is no transparency in the operational processes. Therefore, it is tough to come out an effective solution.

Common question to address performance issues:


We strongly believe you are interested if there is a solution can generate a report in a minute for every transaction which affects KPI in details with flowchart.

NCB together with IDS & Apave with 130 years experience in optimizing performance could provide a proven solution.

NCB provides consultation on the automation and optimization of business processes; to ensure seamless integration of business processes, through:

Business Process Management
Process Performance Management
Enterprise Application Integration
Process integration
Workflow Management

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