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Communication is No. 1 priority of business.


Being proactive is a critical success factor for competitive advantage and further enhancing relationship…

a) among politicians and political parties

b) among Government agencies and Citizens

c) among customers, partners and colleagues.

It is a matter of fact, along the business processes; there are many points of communication.

Instead of letting someone to do it,why not utilize smartComm.asia to broadcast call, polling, sms, fax and email automatically and effectively.



Where to apply smartComm.asia?


Applying smartComm.asia in election campaign

Making a campaign concept by applying resources effectively



There’s no escaping the need to consider a lot of factors together and come to a judgement. Campaigning can have method with ‘scientific’ inputs but it’s also an art, a craft. The ‘planning star’ gathers inputs from five main points:



What we want to achieve in terms of change (both to the problem directly, and in terms of changing potentials, or the context, to increase the possibility of longer term change). Analysing the significance of possible objectives.


Actors, obstacles and players:

The who’s who and what’s what of the issue. Current situation analysis.


Social weather conditions:

How things change in our society today, and how we think they’re going to change in future, the means of change and agency. Reading the tea leaves.


Communication desires:

What we want to communicate as an individual, or more likely, as an organisation. This may exist quite independently of the need to achieve the immediate objective by utilizing unified communication solution.


Campaign assets:

the tools for the job. Social, material, financial, intellectual, IT and other resources, including intelligence capacities and special campaigning tools.


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